Clinical Yoga

Yoga therapy is an evidence based system of exercise with applications for many physical and psychological health conditions. It involves a wide range of physical postures and breathing exercises, adapted to clients individual needs.


How do Yoga and Physiotherapy combine?

Leading physiotherapists have begun the integration of Yoga and Physiotherapy based on the emerging evidence for its effectiveness.

Yoga therapy Combines knowledge of physiotherapy with traditional yoga,  to improve physical performance, treat chronic pain conditions, rehabilitate serious injuries. 

We provide an evidence based approach to treatment by offering both private and semi private yoga classes in Perth (or group yoga classes).


How is Clinical Yoga different?

Clinical Yoga is a different approach to general classes. Clinical Yoga is typically conducted 1-on-1, or in very small groups, supervised by a registered physiotherapist. Each client is individually evaluated, and prescribed specific poses to form a personalised yoga sequence. 

Yoga sessions at Inner Focus Physiotherapy occur in a supportive environment, fully supervised by your physiotherapist. This is an ideal environment to overcome injury, rehabilitate from trauma, and reduce stress.