Yoga Injuries

Pain and injury from doing yoga is actually a problem in the modern yoga world. There are many reasons for this including:

  1. The sedentary lifestyle of many people
  2. The on-mass teaching model in large classes with poor supervision
  3. Lack of preparation poses required to execute certian tradtional postures
  4. Lack of standardisation and quality control among instructors

This is just to list a few. 

Here at inner focus we can guide you through poses to ensure correct technique, build preparatory sequences to assist you to complete your practice safely, treat acute injuries and prevent reoccurance. We use our vast expertise in yoga and physiotherapy to safely guide you through any trouble you may have in your practice.


Shoulder pain: An evidence based treatment approach for impingement, rotator cuff tears and bursitis.

Firstly, the evidence is clear that no obvious causative link exists between rotator cuff tears, both full thickness and partial thickness, and shoulder pain symptoms. This has been borne out by multiple studies:

In one study, of 212 asymptomatic individuals, MRI confirmed a complete rupture of the supraspinatus tendon in 90% of patients. All patients reported no functional deficits (Schibany 2004).


Yoga for Pain: Personal experience and Evidence

This picture above is me practicing at my teacher’s (Kales) house today. In the context of writing about pain experience, evidence and yoga, I should point out that when I first met Kale, in 2009, I could barely move. 2 years of chronic pain, and what I now recognise as sensitisation, fear avoidance and textbook chronicity markers, I could barely even sit on the ground (hip and knee pain), my squatting ability was non existent (too stiff, too sore).


Jump From Downward Dog to Handstand: A Review of Motor Learning Principles

Below are some general guidlines on motor skill learning and performance. These factors are relevant when learning any new complex motor pattern, and are incidently the cornerstone of neurorehabilitation.