Classes Tuesday 7am and Wednesday 6pm

Mindfulness meditation is training for your mind, backed by science. The skill of mindfulness is a reliable source of increased focus and clarity, a potent regulator of stress as well as a useful forum for introspection.

 Guided by our trained Physiotherapists, these group sessions will incorporate a variety of mindfulness techniques so as to most effectively improve your skill and understanding of the practice. 

Classes in Perth

Registered Physiotherapists Tom Belotti and Lee Schneider are offering weekly Mindfulness meditation sessions at our Shenton Park practice. The classes are held on Tuesday morning at 7am and Wednesday evening at 6pm. Each session runs for 1 hour.

What is a Mindfulness Meditation Class?

Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to each event experienced in the present moment within our body and mind, with a non-judgemental, non-reactive and accepting attitude. Mindfulness meditation involves the guided focus of attention in the present moment with an attitude of acceptance. Learning Mindfulness meditation in a group environment is an enjoyable way to take on a new skill, learn from the experiences of others, and perhaps make some new friends.

Many people enjoy practising Mindfulness because it gives them an opportunity to disengage from their busy lives and racing mind, giving them a moment to themselves. The judgement-free nature of Mindfulness practice can provide a sense of relief from one’s own inner monologue, as well as the expectations and criticisms of others. It can also give people a greater sense of control over their emotions and reactions, and make them more aware of changes in their body both during and after a mindful moment.

You can improve many aspects of your mental health and better cope with physical problems using a Mindfulness approach. You can either learn this as a group member or attend for individual sessions.

Our Mindfulness meditation training course is designed to help you to:

  • Better manage your stress

  • Cope with difficult emotions, such as anger, anxiety, and grief

  • Think before you act

  • Reduce anxiety and depression in your life

  • Increase your capacity to experience positive emotions

  • Reduce physical symptoms of stress

  • Find inner peace

  • Improve sleep

You can expect to learn and practice Mindfulness meditation in a small group of people. You will have the opportunity to talk about your experience and improve your skills over the length of the course. There will be 5 – 10 people in the group.

The group is also suitable for people who currently have, or have recently recovered from, symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. There is evidence that participation in Mindfulness groups can help prevent a recurrence of problems with anxiety and depression.

Cost & Enrollment

Each session is $30. Part of the cost may be covered by Medicare rebate or private health cover.

To book your place or for more information Please contact Inner Focus Physiotherapy by phone on 08 93821339 or via email at info@innerfocusphysio.com.au

Individual Mindfulness Meditation in Perth

You can learn Mindfulness meditation in individual sessions with Tom or Lee. This will allow you to learn privately and to apply this approach in the context of your own issues and lifestyle. For for more information about individual sessions, contact Inner Focus Physiotherapy by phone on 08 93821339 or via email at info@innerfocusphysio.com.au

Further reading


Yoga Mindfulness explained

Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga that employs a number of different body positions. These postures are held in place for a period of time before moving to the next while utilizing a specific breathing technique.

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what is mind-body exercise?

Mind-body exercise couples muscular activity with an internally directed focus so that the participant produces a temporary self-contemplative mental state.

This internal focus is in contrast to conventional body-centered aerobic and muscular fitness exercise in which there is little or no mindful component.


mindfulness and health

Mindful exercise is defined as physical exercise executed with a profound inwardly directed mental focus.

This focus allows postures to be performed with a meditative, proprioceptive, sensory awareness component.