Back Pain

Back pain is often multifactorial and factors are different for everyone. The good news is that the vast majority of them are modifiable.

At Inner Focus we are skilled to unravel this puzzle of back pain.

Rather than just treat your symptoms we work to understand the factors that underlie your pain disorder and develop treatment and management approaches for management. 


Yoga for back pain

Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, fear and anger seem to have a greater impact than biomedical or biomechanical factors on Chronic Lower Back Pain disability.

In Chronic Lower Back Pain, the reduction in quality of life could be attributed to pain related sleep disturbances, fatigue, medication abuse[2] functional disability[3] and stress. 

Chronic Back Pain: An evidence based treatment approach

  • In the vast majority of people (<90%)  LBP is benign and represents a simple muscle spasm associated with a mechanical loading incident or a muscle spasm with “central mediation” associated with psychosocial or lifestyle stresses.
  • Only 1 to 2% of people presenting with LBP will have a serious or systemic disorder, such as systemic inflammatory disorders, infections, spinal malignancy or spinal fracture.
  • Less than 5% present with significant neurological deficits such as cauda equine syndrome.
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Imaging tests for lower back pain: When you need them-and when you don’t

Back pain can be excruciating. So it seems that getting an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to find the cause would be a good idea. But that’s usually not the case, at least at first. Here’s why.

They don’t help you get better faster. Most people with lower-back pain feel better in about a month whether they get an imaging test or not. In fact, those tests can lead to additional procedures that complicate recovery. For exam­ple, a study that looked at 1,800 people with back pain found that those who had imaging tests soon after reporting the problem fared no better and sometimes did worse than people who took simple steps like applying heat and staying active.