Do I need a doctors referral?

You do not need a referral from your doctor unless your injury is related to a Workers’ Compensation claim, a Motor Vehicle Accident, or you are eligible to claim under the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Our Physiotherapists

All of our Physiotherapists are uniquely trained in yoga and various other traditional movement disciplines. Our staff combine our understanding of pain science research with yoga therapy, movement retraining, mindfulness and neuroplasticity research. In addition to our excellent clinical and communication skills, the staff at Inner Focus are heavily involved in ongoing professional development, training and education. Their knowledge is shared through internally run education and mentoring programs so you can be confident that the treatment you receive from any Inner Focus Physiotherapist is at the forefront of physiotherapy treatment.

Our Team work together in a collaborative approach to client care. So if your therapist is away on leave, you can be seen by any member of our physiotherapy team, and know that your management will continue as normal. We recommend that if you are in pain – do not wait for your therapist to return from leave – it is important to call us and organise treatment for as soon as possible.

Health Funds

Do you accept all health funds?

Yes, we accept all major health funds.

How much will I receive back from my health provider?

All health funds rebate differently and we would recommend discussing benefits with your fund. Our team can supply the Item Numbers relating to the service to assist you with these discussions.

Are you a HBF or Bupa preferred provider?

Inner Focus is a private clinic and we work collaboratively with all health funds, therefore in fairness to all of our clients we have opted not to become a preferred provider for individual funds.

Does Medicare Cover Physiotherapy?

Unfortunately Medicare does not cover physiotherapy. The only exception relates to referrals from a General Practitioner for a multidisciplinary Care Plan.

Can you explain your fee structure?

Compared to our competitors, we have decided to keep our costs affordable. We charge lower fees than most other physiotherapy practices in the area. Aditionally, we also spend significantly more time with you.

While many physiotherapy practices offer between 20-40 min appointments, we offer 1 hour for your first appointment, and 1 hour for follow-up private or semi-private visits.

At Inner Focus we know that hearing your story, conducting a thorough examination, taking the time to educate you, and setting up a simple to follow home plan at your first visit, will also save you even more time and money in the long run. Based on time for service we are therefore significantly cheaper than many practices.

Fees & Billing Arrangements

Fees are payable at the time of consultation. We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Mastercard, or Visa. Alternatively we can accept credit card payments over the phone.

Please speak to our  team regarding claims relating to Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Veterans’ Affairs.

Do We Accept Care Plans (EPC)?

Yes we do accept Care plans from General Practitioners. You will be required to pay the full amount for your appointment on the day. We will provide you with an invoice for your Medicare claim, and your rebate can then be credited into a cheque or savings account through Medicare.. Please be mindful that the EPC plan will not cover the full amount of your consult.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 7am-7am

Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes our Shenton Park clinic opens Saturday’s from 7.00am to 1.00pm for your convenience.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment with a physio?

The time can vary but if we are unable to find you an appointment in the time frame you require, we do have a waiting list which is reviewed daily. We will endeavour to find you an earlier appointment depending on your flexibility with dates and times.

Medical Imaging

Our Physiotherapists will advise you if medical imaging is necessary.

Dry Needling

Despite training in dry needling, our therapists typically don't use needles. Our goal is to to restore natural, fearless movement to people in pain, promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, educate our clients to build health literacy, and build cognitive startegies based on mindfulness and improved self understanding. Typically, reliance on passive therapies are missed opportunity to empower people in pain to take active control of their health.

Where do I Park?

We have  parking bays on site, or alternatively there is ample street parking in Onslow Road, IGA carpark, and neighbouring streets. 

Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is recommended if:

  1. You want to overcome pain or a current injury

  2. You have an ongoing issue that hasn’t resolved and you want to get on top of it permanently

  3. You wish to take proactive measures to improve your health and improve quality of life


No matter what the reason, you are our priority and we are committed to helping you get better, and stay that way.

We offer effective, evidence based treatment for:

  1. Back pain

  2. Arthritis

  3. Autoimmune conditions

  4. Neurological conditions

  5. Yoga injuries


In the initial consult we’ll

  • Identify what is going on for you and what the source of the problem is

  • Provide you with strategies to get you moving in the right direction immediately

  • Create a tailored solution to help you get the results that you want personally


It will include an expert:

  • Subjective exam to discover what has contributed to your problem

  • Objective assessment to identify physically what is going on that is causing you problems or holding you back

  • Expert treatment from a team of caring and results focused professionals


Call us now to book your spot!


Simply call us at the clinic to speak with our friendly team, ask any questions and to start getting help. You’ll be glad you did.