Neurological Physiotherapy

We follow an evidence based protocol at Inner Focus when prescribing exercise

This involves:

- Assessment.

- Patient education.

- Graded exercise prescription, tailored individually.

- Ongoing support and encouragement.

Our physiotherapists have an expertise in neurological rehabilitation.

We offer Neurological Rehabilitation services to improve quality of life, functional abilities and independence for people with the following conditions but not limited to:

·         Acquired Brain Injuries

·         Strokes

·         Cerebral Palsy

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Parkinson's Disease

·         Spinal Cord Injuries

·         Motor Neuron Disease

·         Huntington's Disease

·         Guillian-Barre Syndrome

·         Vestibular Conditions

·         Corticobasal Degeneration

Our therapists have experience working with people with complex neurological issues and movements disorders related to spasticity, dystonia, ataxia and rigidity.