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Yoga Therapy

Posted by Scott White on Thursday, June 22, 2017, In : Persistent Pain 

Case study and evidence

Clinical yoga can be practiced at any age, and also applied as a pain management treatment at any age. Here is Penny practicing at age 79. Several years ago, as a result of persistent shoulder pain, Penny was advised by one surgeon (rather stridently) that she needed bilateral shoulder replacements, and another "more conservative" physician recommended bilateral arthroscopy. 

However, through multifactorial treatment, including education, and a graded yoga program, she i...

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Yoga in Clinical Practice

Posted by Scott White on Sunday, February 5, 2017, In : Persistent Pain 
The Science of Nocebo, Placebo, Iatrogenesis and Evidence Based Yoga

Clinical Yoga

Clinical yoga is essentially physiotherapist instructed yoga, designed with an evidence based framework, taught individually, with a biopsychosocial focus and neuroscientific understanding.

This approach to treatment is founded on an understanding of the neuroscience behind the patient-therapist relationship:

There are certain behaviours and brain mechanisms that are initiated by an individual who experiences pain ...

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Choosing Physiotherapy Treatment Wisely

Posted by Scott White on Monday, March 2, 2015, In : Persistent Pain 

**Two things physiotherapists and patients should know**

1. Do not employ passive physical agents for chronic pain conditions. Instead, encourage participation in an active treatment program:

There is limited evidence for use of passive physical agents to obtain clinically important outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions.

A carefully designed active treatment plan has a greater impact on pain, mobility, function and quality of life.

While there is some evidence of short-term pain relief for cert...

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