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Evidence for Exercise and Mindfulness in Cold and Flu Prevention

Posted by Scott White on Sunday, October 18, 2015, In : Immune System 

1. Exercise May Block Colds

Being fit -- or at least a perception of being fit -- appears to be associated with a reduction in upper respiratory tract infections, researchers found.

During a 12-week period, individuals who said they exercised at least five days a week had 43% fewer days with an upper respiratory tract infection than those who exercised no more than one day a week (P<0.05), according to David Nieman, DrPH, of Appalachian State University in Kannapolis, N.C., and colleagues.

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Yoga Associated With Gene Expression In Immune Cells, Study Finds

Posted by Scott White on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, In : Immune System 

Studies have shown yoga to be beneficial for both physical and mental health, but the biological mechanisms for why have been poorly understood -- until now. New research fr
om the University of Oslo has determined that yoga practices can have an almost immediate impact on gene expression, particularly in immune cells.

"The data suggests that yoga and related practices result in rapid gene expression alterations which may be the basis for their longer term cell biological and higher level healt...

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