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Lee Schneider


Lee helps people who are in pain improve their movement capacity and physical health, gain a better understanding of their pain and feel confident and empowered to reverse their pain and regain control of their lives.

Lee treats using a graduated movement approach that draws upon a range of disciplines, including Yoga. In doing so Lee helps his clients return to activity that is meaningful to them, be that sport, work or general day to day life.

To address pain, Lee has a toolbox of up-to-date, evidence based treatments including pain neuroscience education, mindfulness training, relaxation strategies and graded exposure therapy.

Lee empowers his clients by helping them better understand their situation and guides them through an educational and experiential process by which they learn strategies to control and treat their own pain.

Lee is a trained physiotherapist, graduating with honours, with special interest in pain, movement and active treatment strategies. Lee plans to commence a PhD next year exploring topics related to chronic low back pain.